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The Wedding Photography Planner – Hardcover Version

  • A5 size
  • Stylish, minimalistic & modern design
  • Hardcover front and back
  • High quality paper
  • Beautiful luxury item
  • For couples wishing to get the best out of their wedding photos and photographer


We found many wedding planners on the market, but not much to give brides structure and much needed advice on their wedding photography. So we took on a task of creating one. We put all our knowledge, heart and soul into this masterpiece, and we hope you will love it as much as we (and our brides) did. 


This Wedding Photography Planner has been created to provide you with a detailed noted reference for all your wedding photography needs.


A stylish and sentimental keepsake filled with images of our real life couples who used this planner to express their ideas and needs of how they imagined their wedding photos to be.


In addition, this planner guides you through the day, prompting you for times and locations for your photographer, whilst also providing you with useful insights, tips and advice.


At the back of the planner you will find an agenda to complete and send to your photographer. Once completed, you can easily take a picture or scan and send it.


The PLANNER contains:


  • Wedding photography advice
  • Planner
  • Lists of recommended shots for each part of the Wedding Day
  • Space to make notes for your ideas
  • Structured agenda to scan/picture and send over to your photographer
  • Beautiful images of real weddings and brides
  • A gift from yourself to yourself or present for your newly engaged loved ones. 

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