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Top best florists for your wedding in the UK

Your wedding day is a significant event where every detail, including the flowers, matters. Finding the right florist who understands your vision can be challenging. To make your special day even more beautiful, we've compiled a list of top wedding florists who can create stunning arrangements and bring your floral dreams to life.

1. ๐‚๐š๐ซ๐จ๐ฅ๐ข๐ง๐ž ๐’๐š๐ง๐๐ฌ

For your perfect wedding day, choose a florist with true style and serenity. This East Sussex-based florist offers beautiful bridal bouquets, stunning event arrangements, thoughtful gifts and more โ€“ all crafted to capture your own unique vision. Plus, their wedding photography will ensure every moment of your special day is preserved in timeless images. Begin your creative journey with them today โ€“ trust their bespoke approach to bring your unique bridal image to life.

2.Kay Murrant - Romsey Florist

Instagram: @pompandpetals

Add a unique splash of colour and vibrancy to your wedding with floral arrangements from Pomp and Petals. Trust the expertise of Jane Packer-trained Kay โ€“ her Romsey-based florist offers a failsafe, bespoke service that captures your style and brings your bridal image to life. Not only will it add beauty to your special day, but they also provide stunning photography services to help you remember it forever. Make sure to choose Pomp and Petals for all your wedding flowers needs โ€“ trust their artistry and professionalism for an unforgettable event.

3.Country Foxes

Here at Country, we believe that your wedding should be a one-of-a-kind celebration. That's why we specialize in creating unique and delightful props, floristry and styling: it's our goal to transform your blissful day into one that puts a smile on yours and your guests' faces. We offer services ranging from boho luxe styling to intimate garden party decoration โ€“ whatever look you're going for, we strive to make it come alive with our creative designs.

4. White Lilac

Instagram: @whitelilacjk

For a bridal look like no other, White Lilac Flowers is here to help. Book your consultation at their beautiful Hampshire workshop and work with their team to craft the perfect floral arrangements for you and your special day. From creating the ideal bouquet that perfectly matches your style to arranging flowers with seasonal and themed decor, they'll make sure every element of your wedding is elevated by their meticulous designs. Let White Lilac Flowers take your wedding to the next level - book your consultation today!

5. Bluebell & Ivy

Instagram: @bluebellandivy

For a truly bespoke floral experience, Lauren is the answer. London-trained in floral design, she's been crafting stunning arrangements since 2016. With her background in Loughborough University's woven textile design program, Lauren has a unique eye for detail that makes her creations one of a kind. Let her elevate your bridal image with breath-taking bouquets and floristry that won't go unnoticed โ€“ you'll be sure to leave your wedding celebration in awe.

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