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TKP had the pleasure of working with Liga Asere at Aysana's and Stefan's wedding, which we also featured on our blog (p.s. head to 'Real Weddings' to see their beautiful boho wedding). The attention to detail and arrays of colors were second to none. We adore!

Liga says that what she liked best about Aysana's and Stefan's wedding, was the fact that they had very similar taste, so it made it easy for both parties to work together:

"They accepted all my ideas about tablespace styling, burnt orange pampas, sea grass baskets for the ceremony place etc.. We were working like a team, passing ideas to each other and then who was the best in it made it happen..."

ABOUT LIGA. Liga offers the couples to show their identity through unique flower arrangements and decorations. You are definitely in the right place if you like quality, pay attention to the details and if you dream about a wedding that is different from others.

" Sometimes it's a whole love story to show, it's amazing. And I love it! The best feature is my "special eye" for details and I do a lot of custom made colors in decoration, such as table runners, hand dyed napkins, candles, candle holders etc."

Liga says that her passion comes from seeing and meeting all the beautiful people. How she can make their day unique and unforgettable. Sometimes that starts with a single favorite color, flower or piece of jewelry:

"We work and dream together around that , and the final result is just magic. To see them happy and amazed makes my heart melt every time."

BOOKING PROCESS. Availability and how much notice you have to give really does depend on the size of the wedding. If it's seasonal and just family, Liga can make it work in two weeks if her diary is free for that day. If more uncommon and unique flower arrangements are required, she would need more time to order the flowers etc.

DEPOSIT. 30% deposit of the total cost.

CONTACT DETAILS. Customers can find Liga Asere on social media pages:

Liga Asere

+44 7541942249


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