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The ideal bride bouquet! Get inspired

When it comes to weddings, the bouquet and decorations you choose are a perfect way to express your unique style and personality as a couple.


Bride Julia, flowers by AESME studio - seasonal and sustainable wedding flowers. Seasonality and sustainability are at the heart of everything AESME studio does. They use our own organically-grown flowers for weddings, compost all green waste from events and never use non-biodegradable flower foam.

Bride Amadea, flowers by Flowers & Such Flowers & Such has been an independent Florist in the village of Copthorne, for many years. They work closely with their customers, local businesses, corporate clients and event venues to create unique flowers and offer outstanding customer care. Six years ago the business was taken over by Libby, who has since re-styled the shop and keeps it stocked with many unique varities of seasonal flowers.

Here are some tips to help you select the ideal wedding bouquet and decorations:

1. Determine your wedding style: Before choosing your bouquet and decorations, it's important to decide on your wedding style. No matter if you're planning a modern, vintage, or rustic wedding, your bouquet and decorations should complement your theme.

2. Choose the right flowers: The flowers you choose should reflect your wedding style. Classic roses, romantic peonies, or wildflowers are all great options to complement your theme and color scheme.


Bride Jodie, flowers by Wedding flowers and styling

3. Consider the season: Remember to factor in the season to determine which flowers are available. Choosing flowers that are in season ensures they're fresh and readily available.

4. Decide on the color scheme: Your colors should complement your overall wedding theme and personal style. Look at the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and other wedding elements to ensure a cohesive look.

5. Think about the size and shape of your bouquet: Ensure the size and shape of your bouquet complements your wedding gown and body shape. The flower size and style should match your wedding style.

6. Add personal touches: Consider adding personal touches to your bouquet and decorations. Add a family heirloom, a favorite flower, or a special charm to make them more meaningful.

In conclusion, choosing the ideal bouquet and decorations require careful consideration and planning. Follow these tips to ensure that your bouquet and decorations reflect your unique style and create a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

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